2013 Teams, Results and Diary

2013 Teams

Below are the teams required for this year.

Teams of Ten

  • Saturday May 11 @ Levin
  • 10 person Open grade



Inter Association Postal Teams event

  • July 8 & 9 & Howick and Waitakere
  • 5 persons per grade (M, A, B, C, D, Ladies & Junior)

Commonwealth Cities

  • July 22 @ Howick
  • 15 person Open grade

Titipounamu Competition

  • August 19 – 23 @ Howick/Waitakere/Auckland
  • 8 person team. A Graders and below eligible
  • 1 10-shot and 1 20-shot card

Titipounamu Team 2013

Hutt Valley Teams of Five

  • August 19 – 23 @ Howick/Waitakere/Auckland
  • 5 person team. B Graders and below eligible
  • 2 20-shot cards

HV Team of 5 2013

Auckland BSA Team

  • August 10 @ Howick
  • 12 person Open grade

Auckland V’s Waikato

  • August 10 @ Howick
  • Open team 10 person
  • A, B, Ladies, Junior 5 person teams

Auckland vs Waikato 2013


Interclub Results for 2013

TSA InterClub 2013 Teams

TSA InterClub 2013 Individuals

TSA InterClub 2013 Round 1

TSA InterClub 2013 Round 2

TSA InterClub 2013 Round 3

TSA InterClub 2013 Round 4

TSA InterClub 2013 Round 5

TSA InterClub 2013 Round 6

TSA InterClub 2013 Round 7


2013 Diary

14th November

The end of the end approaches rapidly. It is almost time to start planning for 2014. If you are then check out Gordon’s latest tips – Notes for over 40s club Part 1 of 2

However, before you get carried away, it is the AGM season.

Target Shooting Auckland will be holding its AGM on Thursday, 28th November, so please reserve the time in your calendar.

TSA is again putting on Pizza & Beer/Wine for a social gathering prior to the meeting. Pizza & drinks will commence from 6.00pm with the AGM starting approximately 7.30pm.

TSA AGM Agenda 2013 is here, and check out the 66th TSA AGM Minutes, 2012 version 2 here.

At the conclusion of the AGM the annual TSA Awards and Prize giving will take place.

Our last Newsletter of the year is now available here – Newsletter 3 for 2013

The Target Shooting New Zealand recently completed their AGM and the info from that is

18th October

Champion of Champions 2013 is all over for another year. Congratulations to all the winners. Prizes will be presented at our AGM & Prize giving session on the 28th November. Put it in your diary NOW !!!

The results are here, Champions of Champions 2013.

Don’t ‘finish’ your season now. Use the time to focus on key aspects of training, without worrying about grading shoots.

See you at the range.

9th October

Another month has flown by (with the help of seven flights in the last month or so).

The official season have ended and Shooter’s Performance Cards need to by with your Secretary by tomorrow at the latest. I haven’t heard of too many grade changes for 2014 !!

Don’t forget the Champion of Champions is scheduled for Wednesday 16th October at Auckland.

The results of the Auckland Provincial Championship (aka the Big 7) are now complete, see Auckland Provincial Big 7 2013, for results. Many congratulations to Roy, Bruce, Terry, Chris and Kacey.

Waitakere will be continuing on throughout the summer and have a coaching morning for members on Sunday 13th at 10am.

It’s now a great time to work on technique and practice.

More anon.

9th September

Well, the final Interclub match was shot at Howick tonight and it proved to be very close in the Teams and Individual competitions. On the night, Division 2 was won by Howick, with just five points separating all the teams. Check here for the results.

Many thanks to all the shooters who competed to make the matches exciting. Once the final make-ups are in, these results will be updated. Congratulations to winning teams and individuals for their efforts.

Shooters – please remember that September 30th is the last date for grading scores so make sure the SPC forms are up to date and ready for your Secretary’s.

28th August

The latest results from Round 6 Interclub have now been posted here. While Waitakere will be hard to beat in Division 1 this year, Division 2 is still very close. Let’s have a great turn-out for the last Interclub of the season on the 9th October.

The Waitakere Open will be held this Saturday on 31st September. This is a great shoot so please make an effort to enjoy one of the last competitions of the season.

20th August

This is the week to shoot the Titipoumanu and Hutt Valley Teams of Five competitions. Please check the teams and details here.

8th August

Round 5 of Interclub is over and the results are available here. Numbers from Howick were a little light so their Division One team suffered.

A reminder that the Auckland v Waikato match is on Saturday, so if you are in a team, please don’t let the team down.

Details for this Saturday’s shoot are as follows:

  • Range will be open for BSA team from 09:00am.
  • BSA shoot will consist of 4 details, the first starting at 09:30am.
  • Practice will start at between 10:30 and 11:30am.
  • First detail of Auckland v Waikato match will start 11:30am.
  • You will be shooting 2×10 shot cards over 2 details approx. 1hr 15 minutes apart.
  • Note that your details and mounds will be pre allocated.

Details will be in the following order:

  • 1 Junior
  • 2 Women
  • 3 B grade
  • 4 A grade
  • 5 Open
  • 6 Open
  • 7 Junior
  • 8 Women
  • 9 B grade
  • 10 A grade
  • 11 Open
  • 12 Open
  • Prize giving.

11th July

It’s now getting to be the busy time on our shooting calendar with numerous competitions and team shoots over the next two months. The latest teams announced are:

Details of the competition dates are on the Teams page. Please check the teams and let the selectors know if you cannot shoot.

Don’t forgot to keep checking the Events page for upcoming competitions and matches.

2nd July

We are now on the down slide to Christmas already. The Auckland Open is over (scores to be posted soon) and Interclub Round 4 was on Monday. The results are here. Waitakere had a great night winning both the Division One and Two.

12th June

Interclub results updated and here is the latest newsletter, TSA NEWSLETTER #2_2013

10th June

Into the sixth month already and the results of Interclub 3 have now been published. Howick won the matches on the night but still lag Waitakere on the Summary Tables. Bring on Round 4 !!!

24th May 2013

Just a quick update. In the side menu, I’ve added a Videos Page with some great shooting videos. Also the TOT 2013 pictures are now in a gallery for you to check out.

I haven’t seen the Howick Open results yet, hopefully later.

17th May 2013

Well Teams of Ten are done and dusted. A few shooting careers were enhanced and a few were dented !!

Check out the gallery for some of the pics from the weekend and the TOT Results Page.

Finals TeamsofTen 2013

Teams of Ten Horowhenua 2013 Results

Auckland’s only claim to fame is Steve P’s winning of the Top Shooter Plate (again).

TOT 2013 Top Shooter with team

7th May 2013

Interclub results for both Rounds 1 and 2 have been posted. Check out the Results page.

With the shooters settling into their new grades, the competition is going to be very interesting this year. Already the results are proving this case.

Shooters – please remember to get those make-up scores in so you can compete in the Individual competition.

Team captains – please make sure your teams know what cards and how many they need for the team results.

26th April 2013

The team for the Teams of Ten competition has been released.

Check it out on the Teams page or here Team_of_10_2013

The South Auckland Open is on the 3rd and 4th May click here 2013_South_Auckland_Open_Poster_Hamilton

Also, the Howick Open is on the 18th May – Check details here Howick_Open_2013_flyer

April 2013

Hi All,

The April Interclub has already been held at the beginning of the month. Unfortunately, a number of us were away. Consequently, we are still awaiting the results of the matches.

We are still wanting nominations for the Teams of Ten and the team should be announced next week. Please get in touch with a selector or the Secretary.

The Bay of Plenty Open is on at Te Puke on Saturday – enjoy the competition.


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