2020 TSA Teams

Auckland V Waikato

Auckland V Waikato match is still on this year.  It will be hosted at the Cambridge Rifle Club on 8th August.  Plan on a starting time of 11am. It will confirmed once we hear from Waikato Assoc.

The BSA Team which is an Open Grade team made up of 12 persons combining Auckland and Waikato shooters, will be shot on the 8th also at Cambridge starting 9am approx.  Again I will confirm this shortly.

Our teams are as follows:

Open Grade

  • S Petterson
  • S Kanzig
  • M Clapson
  • R Dixon
  • S O’Donnell
  • K Snowden
  • B Millard
  • J Gill
  • J Cheeseman
  • G Riddle
  • I Maddaford – Res

A Grade

  • S O’Donnell
  • R Dixon
  • B Millard
  • K Snowden
  • L Houghton
  • M Dumont – Res

B Grade

  • C Wadham
  • W Pratt
  • C Erasmus
  • I Maddaford
  • J Harron
  • J Dyer – Res
  • K Burt – Res

Ladies Grade

  • S Wright
  • S Kanzig
  • E Hawke

Junior Grade

  • J Harron
  • R Nowacki

Commonwealth Cities Match 2020

The team is:

  • Steve Petterson
  • Mark Clapson
  • Gavin Riddle
  • James Cheeseman
  • Jonathan Gill,
  • Robert Dixon
  • Bruce Millard
  • Steve O’Donnell
  • Ken Snowden
  • William Pratt
  • Suanne Kanzig
  • Chris Wadham
  • John Dyer
  • Jackson Harron
  • Marc Dumont
  • Chris Erasmus
  • Ryan Nowacki

We will be shooting this match at Howick on either 19 Oct or 26 Oct. The cards MUST be shot before 31 Oct so there is no flexibility on the dates. Remember, I have the cards you will be required to shoot. Thanks to those who have already replied to me via text which date you prefer. To those who have not…now would be a good time to do that.

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