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It is this simple……WE WON!!!!!!!!! For the first time in a very long while, WE WON!!!!
This event consists of a team of 8 A Graders or lower graders shooting 1×10 and 1×20.
Auckland is the organizer of this shoot and it is open to all Associations in NZ. COVID had an impact on the number of teams this year, (12 instead of the usual 15), but saying that the competition was the closest in history. Did I mention WE WON!!!! The trophy, which is a full size Maori Spear, will be returning to Auckland from Taranaki (last year’s winners) in
the near future…because WE WON!!!
The Auckland team: Ken Snowden, Bruce Millard, Lee Houghton, Marc Dumont, Suanne Kanzig, Robert Dixon, William Pratt, Steve O’Donnell and Ian Maddaford.

The top 5 teams were:
1st Auckland 2341.102 WINNERS!
2nd = Taranaki 2339.109
2nd= Hutt Valley 2339.109
4th Manawatu 2339.105
5th Waikato 2338.106

Hutt Valley Teams of 5
We again competed in this event. The Hutt Valley Association, who ran this event, were very accommodating, extending the close off date to allow particularly Auckland to shoot.
Unfortunately that did not help our scores. The team consists of 5 B Graders or lower shooting 2×20 shot cards. Our team of Jackson Harron, William Pratt, Ian Maddaford, Steve O’Donnell, Chris Erasmus, Chris Wadham and Selena Wright finished a creditable 10th. The shoot was won by Waikato.

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