2019 TSA Teams

Commonwealth Cities Team announcement 6th September 
We will be shooting this postal competition on Monday 23rd  September at Howick. 

British cards will be used and I have these for you all.  You will be shooting 2×10 shot cards.
The team is as follows:
J Gill, S Petterson, G Riddle, M Clapson, J Cheeseman, R Myburgh, S O’Donnell, K Snowden, R Dixon, B Millard, L Houghton, W Pratt, S Kanzig, M Dumont, C Erasmus, M Hedley, C Wadham, Y Lentner.


We are the hosts this year (home range advantage).  The teams are listed below.

Catering…please bring a plate of food, i.e. sav rolls, sausages, chips/dip, cakes, club sandwiches, pies etc.  There will be no charge for the catering as it is like Interclub, host provides.

The range will be open 9am Saturday 10th August for those in the BSA Team (12 people made up from a combination of Auckland and Waikato shooters).  They will be shooting until approx 10:30am.  

The range will be available for those wanting a practice shoot until the start of the Auckland V Waikato Match at approx 11:30am.

Teams will be shooting in team details as your squad and mound will be preassigned and displayed on the club rooms wall.  First detail is Juniors, 2nd Ladies, 3rd B Grade, 4th A Grade, 5th and 6th Open then back to Juniors to do it again.  Format for the shoot is simply 2×10 shot cards for everyone.

BE prepared to help out throughout the day, range officer, marking, cards changing, score posting etc.  This is a TSA run event.

Congratulations to the following.



  • M Clapson
  • R Dixon
  • J Gill
  • M Hedley
  • B Millard
  • R Myburgh
  • S O’Donnell
  • S Petterson
  • W Pratt
  • G Riddle


  • R Dixon
  • M Dumont
  • B Millard
  • S O’Donnell
  • K Snowden


  • M Dumont
  • M Hedley
  • S Kanzig
  • W Pratt
  • C Wadham


  • S Kanzig
  • T Freeman


  • R Nowacki
  • E Milligan

Auckland BSA Team 2019

This shoot will be on Saturday 10th August at Howick.  The range will be open from 9am with the first of only 4 details starting at 9.30am.  Shooters will be required to shoot 2×10 British cards which I have.  

The team is:

  • Allison Archer
  • Owen Bennett
  • Ivor Brettell (On Call)
  • Mark Clapson
  • Robert Dixon (Emergency)
  • Jonathan Gill
  • Roy Herbison
  • Ian McFetridge
  • Dave Miller
  • Rudi Myburgh
  • Steve Petterson
  • Gavin Riddle
  • Samantha Riddle
  • Fiona Spence

Teams for NDC Round 1 – Howick on 2nd May

OPEN TEAM (6 persons shooting 1×10 & 1×20)
S Petterson
M Clapson
G Riddle
J Gill
R Dixon
S Kanzig

S O’Donnell (Em)
M Hedley (Em)
B Millard (Em)

GRADED TEAM (4 persons shooting 2×10)
E Hanly
C Erasmus
S Wright
R Myburgh

C Wadham (Em)
M Russell (Em)

The Howick Range will be open from 7:00pm and ALL shooting MUST be completed by 9:30pm.

Target Shooting Auckland’s Teams of Ten 2019

The Team (in seeded order):

  1. Jonathan Gill
  2. Gavin Riddle
  3. Stephen Petterson
  4. Robert Dixon
  5. Rudi Myburgh
  6. Mike Hedley
  7. Steve O’Donnell
  8. Suanne Kanzig
  9. Chris Erasmus
  10. Chris Wadham

   Emergency: Tarnisha Harrison

There will be 10 seeded and 1 reserve.  The team manager will also be announced shortly.

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