2020 TSA Teams

Auckland V Waikato

Auckland V Waikato match is still on this year.  It will be hosted at the Cambridge Rifle Club on 8th August.  Plan on a starting time of 11am. It will confirmed once we hear from Waikato Assoc.

The BSA Team which is an Open Grade team made up of 12 persons combining Auckland and Waikato shooters, will be shot on the 8th also at Cambridge starting 9am approx.  Again I will confirm this shortly.

Our teams are as follows:

Open Grade

  • S Petterson
  • S Kanzig
  • M Clapson
  • R Dixon
  • S O’Donnell
  • K Snowden
  • B Millard
  • J Gill
  • J Cheeseman
  • G Riddle
  • I Maddaford – Res

A Grade

  • S O’Donnell
  • R Dixon
  • B Millard
  • K Snowden
  • L Houghton
  • M Dumont – Res

B Grade

  • C Wadham
  • W Pratt
  • C Erasmus
  • I Maddaford
  • J Harron
  • J Dyer – Res
  • K Burt – Res

Ladies Grade

  • S Wright
  • S Kanzig
  • E Hawke

Junior Grade

  • J Harron
  • R Nowacki

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